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True cidermen. DOP Cider of Asturies’ new campaign

DOP Sidre d’Asturies wants to highlight the meaning of the word “authentic” with the owners of cider bars.

LA SIDRA.- The CR DOP SIDRE d’Asturies presented yesterday their new advertising campaign starred by 21 owners of cider bars as main consumers of the DOP Cider of Asturies. This is a continuation of last year’s campaign starred by Rodrigo Cuevas and they expect good results. “Authentic, true, unique” are some of the values behind this campaign which describe the features of this cider with protected denomination of origin. This advertising will last for two months until next 15th of August through different media: press, radio, tv, social networks and some exterior supports.

The tv spot is starred by some cider men that highlight the value of the features that differenciate the DOP Cider of Asturies from other beverages. There is also includes a 5 minute video with 21 owners of cider bars that through different conversations, remark this kind of cider as an “authentic” product. This video will be released through CR DOP Sidre d’Asturies’ youtube channel.

To the press conference of the campaign attended the president of the CR DOP Sidre d’Asturies, Daniel Ruiz, the marketing manager, Juan García Colorado (Arrontes y Barrera) and four of the cider men starring this campaign: Jorge Ramos (Los Pomares Cider Bar), Abraham Castellanos (Fonte Villoria Cider Bar), Ricardo Villa (Begoña Cider Bar) and Pablo Costales (El Cuetu Cider Bar).

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