Queso Rebollín Fusión Sidra Pequeño
  • Queso Rebollín Fusión Sidra Pequeño

Box 9 Cheeses Rebollín Cider Fusion


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Fusion Cheese Cider Rebollín 450 grams. Box of 9 units.

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Rebollín Fusión de Sidra is a product that delves into the roots of Asturias, fusing for the first time two of the most representative raw materials of our field: the milk of Asturian cows with natural cider.

Rebollín Fusión Sidra offers an elegant combination in the mouth, conjugating a subtle flavor with light memories of apple, accompanied by the lactic and buttery character of cow's milk. The touch is tender and silky. Its aroma also has floral and fruity touches, the result of harmonization and integration with cider.

Ingredients: pasteurized cow's milk, natural cider, calcium chloride, lactic acid, rennet and salt.

Conservation: refrigerated between 4 and 10ºC

Boxes of 9 units, vacuum packed and presetado in cardboard box.