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Zapica cider by Buznego. 750 ml


Zapica cider by Buznego. 750 ml

SIDRA ZAPICA is a cider host to the Denomination of Origin "Cider of Asturias", of the calls of "new expression", that is to say, filtered and destined to its service in glass. It is not a cider with added carbon, so it should not be confused with what is known as "achampanada cider", but it is a traditional Asturian cider, which is filtering process that maintains all the qualities of this, and that allows, as it was mentioned, its service in glass.

With the advantage of not requiring pouring, so it can be served in all types of catering establishments, being perfect as an aperitif and to accompany pates, fish, seafood, etc. Its low alcohol content (6º) and its pleasant and fresh flavor make SIDRA ZAPICA an excellent product, ideal to enjoy the qualities of Asturian cider in all places.

Tasting Notes: Golden yellow color with green hues and bright reflections. Agile in cup. Harmonica on the nose, with clean aromas of ripe apple. Very fruity and with notes of fresh grass and honeyed tones. Soft entry in the mouth, very fresh opening at the end. Moderate acidity Pleasant and long aftertaste. Very balanced and balanced. Service temperature: 10º-12º

Origin: Villaviciosa, Asturies

Cider Mill: Buznego