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Tareco Cider

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Cider Tareco 

Bottle of 0.75L 6.5% alc.

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Cider made from apple must of 100% Asturias origin, as certified by the Regulatory Board of the D.O.P. "Sidra de Asturias".

No substance is used to alter, modify, accelerate, etc. the natural process of fermentation-maturation. It is a 100% natural cider (can generate lees in bottle).

In bottle of 0.75 L., 6.5% alc.

TASTING NOTES: Frankish and persistent fruity aroma in which the apple expands. The palate is intense and substantial endorsing the fruit in all its splendor. Matured acidity, enough body. Dry and powerful but balanced finish.

CONSUMPTION: Environment at 12 / 13ºC. If it is possible to keep it cold, during the service, in a bucket with water and a little ice.

Origin: Tiñana, Asturies

Cider Mill: San Juan del Obispo