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Valnera cider

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Valnera cider with honey. 70 cl.

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Valnera cider with honey. 70 cl

Valnera is a drink composed of the fermentation of apple and honey must, although there are more things that belong to the secret of the master formula.

At room temperature: bright gold color, clean, without gas or needle, nose aromatic, floral, good frosting, penetrating incision by alcohols, with good and broad tear that gives body, in the mouth is semi pulling dry. The slight acidity of the apple is noticeable, compensated with the honey, of passage in fine and pleasant mouth (it invites to the long drink).

Cold -10 º: highlight the acids and lemon of the apple, the drink invites to be longer and the possibilities of pairing with was and ham of duck, bacalo carpacho increase and let's not say in cheese or cocktails desserts.

The delicacy and delicacy of the product do not leave the consumer indifferent.