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The beer giant tries to encourage cider consumption

Heineken prepared a strong adverising campaigns for America and United Kingdom.

THE CIDER.- The great European beer intertational companies got it clear: the cider consumption is each time bigger in the world and that’s why they want their piece of the cake. One of the great companies of this kind, Heineken, bet years ago for introducing the cider label Strongbow in countries like Mexico, Brazil, Caribbean and USA.

Their intention is to get that 50% of the market in that continent. Their expectations were not fulfilled. To introduce cider as a non seasonal beverage is difficult. Although now they’re resuming efforts and for these days they are preparing important advertising campaigns for the beer and cider consumption. Both in American and Europe.


For example  for Halloween Heineken released the campagin “Haunted Win” with different promotions for UK for the sale of Strongbow and prizes like travels to Prague. And for the USA that company prepared the football strategy sharing the protagonism of their trucks with the slogan “What’s your play?”.

Just one month ago in the International Hall of Gala Ciders international cider makers attended the Sommelier’s Day spoke about this. There hey stated the need of carrying out a work of education among the public since usually -with the exception of an empowerment by an international big company such as Heineken- it was difficult to get to all the public. For that company the brand Strongbow is yet in the process. It goes forward steb by step. Then we should open a debate about the implications it carries. Positive or negative? And especially, positive or negative for who?


res de Gala, los llagareros internacionales qu’asistieron al alcuentru aldericaron na Xornada de Sumilleres sobro esta tema. Xustamente siñalaben que yera importante realizar un llabor d’educación ente la población, yá que  nun siendo que’l consumu de sidre tuviera impulsáu por una importante empresa tresnacional –xustamente citaron l’exemplu de Heineken–, yera abegoso llegar a tolos públicos. Pos dicha empresa cola so marca Strongbow nun se da nel so enfotu pa abrir camín. Avanza adulces pero con pasu firme. Va haber entós qu’abrir l’alderique sobro les implicaciones que trai. ¿Positivo o negativo? Y n’especial, ¿Positivo o negativo pa quién?

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