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Success of the Asturian cider mills in the V SISGA

The SISGA’15 Awards settled among the most prestigious prizes internationally with a very important participation both regarding quality and a jury composed by 15 members of different countries.

THE CIDER- An international jury composed by representatives of the participant cider mills and 3 peope designed by LA SIDRA was the chosen one to score the participant ciders and head the awards of the V SISGA.


It is to be highlighted the high wuality of the presented products, which made things difficult to the jury under the leadership of Manuel G. Busto, while assessing which were the best ciders, getting some very tight scores.

Likewise the role of Asturian cider was quite good, especially if we remember that of the 15 members of the jury, only 3 were Asturians, so it leaves much more than clear the objetivity while voting. The Cider Mills Cortina, Mayador, Panizales, Viuda de Angelón, Casería San Juan del Obispo and Norniella were the awarded Asturian cider mills in the V SISGA, which gives an idea of the range in which the Asturian cider is in.

Fine Glass Ciders

  • 1St Prize.- Cortina. Asturies
  • 2nd Prize.- Side Burn. Scotland
  • 3rd Prize.- 1947. Viuda de Angelón. Asturies

Brut Sparkling Cider

  • 1st Premiu.- Ecusson Brut. Nromandy
  • 2nd Premiu.- Guzmán Riestra Brut. Riestra. Asturies
  • 3rd Premiu.- Valdedios Brtu. Mayador. Asturies

Semi- Dry Sparkling Cider

  • 1st Prize.- Guzmán Riestra semiseco. Riestra. Asturies
  • 2nd Prize.- Thatchers Vintage. England
  • 3rd Prize.- Beer Cider. Holland

Sweet Sparkling Cider

  • 1st Prize.- Ecusson Doux. Normandy
  • 2nd Prize.- Sidra Norniella. Norniella. Asturies

Rosé Cider

  • 1st Prize.- Mayador Rosée. Mayador. Asturies
  • 2nd Prize.- Ecusson Rosée. Normandy
  • 3rd Prize.- Hera cereza. Panizales. Asturies

Cider in 1/3 format

  • 1st Prize.- Magic Appel. Czech Republic
  • 2nd Prize.- Rossbach. Czech Republic
  • 3rd Prize.- Magnetic Apple. Czech Republic


  • 1st Prize.- Ecusson Poiré. Normandy
  • 2nd Prize.- Exibatur Mostbaron. Austria
  • 3rd Prize.- Exibatur Preh. Austria.

Ice Cider

  • 1st Prize.- Iscider 33º. Sweden.
  • 2nd Prize.- Diamantes de Hielo. Viuda de Angelón. Asturies
  • 3rd Prize.- Panizales. Asturies.

Cider Liquor: Salvador. Casería San Juan del Obispo. Asturies

Most Original Cider: Absolute Kystin. Brittany.

Cider with other fruits: Hera Membrillo. Panizales. Asturies

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