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SISGA and new Basque ciders

On last Saturday there was the presentation of the SISGA at the Araeta cider mill, with a guided tasting of the awarded ciders and new Gipuzkoan ciders.


THE CIDER.- An especially interesting experience to present the International Hall of Gala Ciders in Gipuzkoa, thanks to the collaboration of the Association of Cider Bars of Gipuzkia, the Basque Cider Route and SAgardotegi Araeta as the perfect frame for the event. All of this thanks to the interest and management of Juan Zurriarain, doctor in chemistry, oenologist counselor and member of the international jury of the SISGA.



Of the ciders tasted we have to highlight the perry from Araeta, made this year for the very first time and recovering a product that there were many years since it was produced in Euskadi. The impressive quality of this perry makes think on a good future, especially when Xabier Aramburu, the host cider maker, tells us that they planted 600 pear trees to have enough raw material for the cider mill.

At last the tasted ciders were:

Perry form Araeta

    • Ecusson Poire. Ecusson. First Prize SISGA’15
    • Cider with fruits. Hera Membrillo, Panizales. First Prize SISGA’15

    • Brut Cider Byhur of Astarbe.
    • Brut Cider Guzmán Riestra. Riestra Cider Mill. Second Prize SISGA’15
    • Semi-dry Cider Guzmán Riestra. Riestra Cider Mill. First Prize SISGA’15
    • Sparkling Cider Ama Oiharte
    • Aged Cider Saarte d’Urbitarte
    • Apple Juice Sagar Lore. Petritegi
    • Kalïsie.Kystin Cider Mill. Perry, ginger and vodka. First PrizeSISGA’15
    • Diamantes de Xelu Viuda de Angelón. Second Prize SISGA’15
    • Cider liquor by Señorío de Bemout. Saizar
    • Glass cider. Villacubera de Cortina. First Prize SISGA’1

We have to stress the interest and mood of the attendees.

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