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Seven medals for El Gaitero Group

More recognition for Asturian cider at the “Bath & West International Cider Competition 2017”

LA SIDRA.- Before we released the news of the medals by Trabanco at the “The Bath & West International Cider Competition 2017” –also called “The Greatest Cider Show on Earth”. This time we inform that El Gaiteru Group, which competed in several categories, reinforces its position with seven medals -three silver and four bronze- being this way the most awarded cider mill of Asturies and the Spanish territory and one of the most recognized worldwide.

This contest was held as part of the “Bath & West Show”, the most important event around agiculture and rural life in England. It recognized the innovative tradition of this cider mill, a worldwide reference in the agroalimentary sector. The awarded ciders were:

Traditional cider: Bronze medal for El Gaitero Etiqueta Negra, with a good assessment of its acidity and juiciness in mouth.

New World Cider: Silver medal for Pomarina Brut, highlighting the flavors of peach, apricot, orange and its perfect balance. This cider had a 5 in taste.

Fermented Cider: Silver medal for Pomarina Brut and bronze medal for Valle, Ballina y Fernández, appreciated for its citric scents”.

Spanish cider and Spanish style cider (?!!!!): Silver medal for Sidre Natural El Gaitero highlighting its “interesting spicy point” and bronze medal for Pomarina Natural which they said it “reminded to pie” and Pomarina Natural Tradicional, differenced for the “pure crusty green apple” smell and taste.


For María Cardín, commercial manager, this success “is a true joy, the recognition to passion and effort”. And it’s proper to give Asturian cider the value it deserves”.

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