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Ribs and cider in El Sauco

They prepared ribs with an unique barbecue in Xixón, juicy inside and crusty in the outside. The cider: Castañón, Val de Boides, y Molín del Medio


ESTÍBALIZ URQUIOLA*.- Many of my friends that know I work in this magazine usually ask me where to go for a good dish of stew, rice, seafood, and so. Actually I got several whatsapp groups with friends about the discoveries I make every week.


Now this magazine gave me the chance to release this recommendatios in the web site that reaches so many people and I’m very thankful. I will propose all kinds of dishes from all around Asturies. For me they are like little treasures that make Asturian gastronomy very special. And I begin with one of the cooking I love most. Because I love barbecue.

Cider and barbecue are a great combination. And restauranteurs in Asturies know that putting this combination in the menu is a win win. Every one has its trick about the meat, fish or seafood with a special recipe according to their taste and expertise. And of course the raw material has to be quality one.

Today I discovered the ribs of the emblematic cider bar El Saúco (Valencia 20) in Xixón’s Cider District. The kitcken has a new member. A Portuguese barbecue that cooks ribs very very slowly while rotating them. The meat has the heat coming from two walls. In the low part there is water mixed with the juices from the meat and the steam comes back to the meat. It reminded me when my grandma put a glass of water in the oven while cooking lamb, she said it was for making the sin crispy. Sorry, I’ll summarize: the ribs were excellent and along with the cider they had there, Castañón and the DOP Val de Boides and Molín del Medio, make a great suggestion.

*Estíbaliz Urquiola isurnalism by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid

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