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Presentation and pairing of Conservas Costera

The new products of Conservas Costera will be presented and paired with Menéndez cider, Tareco, Restra brut and demi-dry.

THE CIDER.- On next 12th of March from 12 hours at El Lavander Cuder Bar (Cimavila. Xixón), there will be the presentation of a whole new set of anchovies paté, cod, sea urchins, sardines and spider-crab. All this developed along the department of new products ASINCAR of Noreña and the collaboration of IDEPA.

This project was carried out during 2015 and continues this 2016 in the final laps of recipe making, product analysis, nutritional tests, design…Always starting froma  high quality raw materials and selective tests and comparisons with patés already present in the market, comparisons of taste, smell, textures and different features to determine a 100 % natural product, without addings and available for celiacs.

The pairing of these products will be made with Menéndez and Tareco ciders, the first pouring and the second a table one and Riestra brut and demi-dry for a guided tasting by the prestigious Asturian gastronome David Castañón author of les fartures blog and usual LA SIDRA’s collaborator.

The price to participate in this presentation and pairing is € 6, 3 for LA SIDRA’s collaborators and subscribers.

To sign in address:

T. 652 594 983

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