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L’Allume Cider, Pegoyu award

L’Allume Cider Mill has got the Pegoyu award given by the Board for the Defense of Asturian Language.

THE CIDER.- This prize, annually given by the BDAL / XDLA for 30 years as part of the Andrés Solar Awards, historical militant of the left wing Asturian nationalism and renowned author in Asturian, highlights the person, association or institution outstanding for their work in defense or promotion of Asturian language. This year this distinction was for L’Allume Cider Mill, being recognized thus its work “carrying out a cooperative project in cider marketing using Asturian language both in the product as in the commercial and advertising. For these reasons they deserve this award”.

L’Allume Cider Mill is one of the few Asturian cider mills respecting Asturian culture and identity, using usually our language, something fairly curious given that cider mills usually claim for more attention for being cider an Asturian product and in some cases (DOP, Cider of Selection) for using Asturian apple. On the other hand their anti-asturianism seems to end there where their interests end, with few exceptions, given their ashaming lack of appreciation of Asturian language.

The awards will be on next Saturday 19th of December at the auditorium of the CCAI (Xixón).

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