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Joining forces for Cider of Asturies

In theXV Presentation of the DOP harvest they announced that the Denomination of Origin and Cider of Selection will blend in.

LA SIDRA.- “Now we are in the same boat, as it should be” said Celestino Cortina, president of the DOP Regulatory Council Sidre d’Asturies during the XV Presentation of the Denomination of Origin harvest. This will pass into history of Asturian cider because it was Cortina the one who announced the blending of these two quality labels: DOP Cider of Asturies and Cider of Selection. This union was expected for long time and a few days after the announcement the media confirmed it. But there were more news, the DOP will blend with the Cider of Selection labels – Muñiz, Trabanco, Peñón and Foncueva- and another four ones: JR, Frutos, La Llarada and Viuda de Corsino. So for next edition there will be 30 ciders under the DOP Cider of Asturies lable.

Samuel Trabanco, in representation of Cider of Selection spoke as well during the event. “What’s really important is what is going on in the regulatory council. There will be new rules to accept more varieties. This is a scenario we never had before. ” said the manager of this cider association. In the presentation participated also the councilwoman of Rural Development and Natural Resources, José Luis Álvarez president of OTEA,  and Jesús Martínez Salvador councilman of Sports, Tourism and Celebrations of Xixón.

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