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Impressive SISGA’15

Before the Sommelier Day, the V SISGA exceeds the best expectatives.

THE CIDER.- The elite of the glass cider of Europe, the most innovative cider mills and of best quality, the gastronomic excellence of El Duque Restaurant and the participation of hundreds of cider lovers are making this V SISGA to exceed the best expectatives, with a record of international participation and having the best ciders nowadays available in the market.


The SISGA’15 Awards on their side came along with surprises like important success of the Asturian cider mills PanizalesMayadorViuda de AngelónRiestra, Norniella and Cortina, which reached the first prizes in its respective categories, while competing with a relevant international representation and a jury in which the Asturian composition was of 3 of the 15 members, giving an idea of the quality of these awards and of course of the awarded ciders.

The Gala Dinner offered by El Duque Restaurant, with a very appropriate pairing of ciders and dishes, we have so much to say that we will just refer now to the article coming in LA SIDRA’s next issue… and of the Open Tasting Day we have to say that there were around a thousand people who did not want to lose the unique chance to access these variety of cider products of impressive quality and excellent presentation.

Tomorrow day is dedicated specifically to the sommeliers, whi will make a comparative tasting of the winner ciders, as well of the Geri Vinegar, a balsamic cider vinegar aged in oak casks for 15 years, which raised lots of interest in the Open Tasting Day and in the Jury of the SISGA Awards

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