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The biennial popular celebration of homemade cider takes place in Deva.


On Saturday 10th of September there was another editino of the home made cider contest organize by Ricardo García in Caldones, Xixón. We could say that this is an informal contest because it’s not between the most known homemade cider contests but that would not be true since the seriousness is given by the methord and accuracy of the popular jury.

l sábadu 10 de setiembre tornó a cellebráse’l concursu de sidre casero qu’entama Ricardo García na parroquia de Caldones, en Xixón. Pudiéramos dicir que ye un concursu informal, porque nun s’acueye a la rede de concursos de sidre casero más conocíos, pero nun sedría verdá, porque la seriedá vien-y de la forma de facese, el rigor del xuráu popular.



 This is a contest among friends and there can participate any amateur producers with the best they got, the accuracy we spoke about is clear and the jury is composed by all the cider lovers around the horru at Ricardo’s house. Among those people we could see the famous Pola from the TPA’s show La Quintana and socred the cider with the proper responsibility. The awards were: a commemorative cider glass and a sack of beans to be handed after the big meal in the meadow along with the ciders presented to the contest.

This year there wer many producers from the councils of Balmonte de Miranda, Piloña, Villaviciosa, Llangréu, Parres, Uviéu, Xixón and Carreño, apart of a family of Welsh cider makers living in Llanes. All of them got their glass from the contest and there were three winners: Eduardo from Caldones, first place, Luis from Candás and Pepín from L’Infiestu, second and third places.

Text and pictures by Donato Xuaquín Villoria Tablado.

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