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Good confraternity of the Sicerators

The IV Axuntábense rocgnizes Tino ‘El Roxu’, Luis Piñera, María Cotiello and Support of Traditional Cider

LA SIDRA.- Cider from 55 cider mills was corked and labeled for an especial edition that the Confraternity uses as a gift. The painter Favila took care of the image on the label and poster while Nacho Quesada did the graphic design.
The IV Axuntábense (meeting) of the Good Confraternity of the Sicerators was presented by Milio’l del Nido and with the performance of Odón García. There they accepted two merit members: Tino “El Roxu”; the cider maker Luis Piñera from the same name cider mill in Deva, the actress from Mieres Maria Cotiello and the Association Support of Traditional Asturian Cider Association.
In the event there were some emotive moments like when Tino “El Roxu” in his speeches defended our national beverage and denounced the situation of institutional disregard it suffers, and demanded more attention and care for it.
The Great Master of the Confraternity took the chance to claim for a stronger political commitment in defense of Nava’s Cider Museum while denouncing that given the situation “the Museum is surely to be closed and I don’t know who has the solution but they all killed it”.
After the institutional event the confraternity invited the attendees to a meeting in their social premises, the Lolina Cider Mill in Nava.

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