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Gallu Pintu, the cider by Campoastur

gallu pintuIt is made with apples from the members and can be purchased in Campoastur shos and food chains.

THE CIDER.-The Asturian Field Cooperative, Campoastur, has just released its natural cider ‘Gallu Pintu’ (Spotted Cock). “It’s an Asturian name, funny, rural and that catches the eye” explained them to the social networks. This product can be purchased in the shops of that cooperative and in some food chains. Campoastur has also prepared to be released a “Campoastur Denomination of Origin” and “Campoastur 3MZ”. Thus, this company takes a step ahead in the cider industry not only giving the apple for elaboration of our traditional beverage but also making it.

Inside Campoastur there is a selection of fruits and vegetables, hosts also an organization of cider apple producers. Through the “ATRIA” the apples are controled along all the harvesting phases and the cooperative expects the production and sale of apples sealing contracts with many cider mills of the country.

This makes Campoastur the first cider apple seller. A part of the production of the members goes for Denomination of Origin cider and also for Cider of Selection, which makes cider only from Campoastur apples.

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