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Experiences Pack focused in cider

VivoboxThe company Vivobox, located in Avilés offers Asturian “touristic chests”

THE CIDER.- The company from Avilés VIvobox is a pioneer one. What does it offer? Packs of experiences located in Asturies and linked to local companies. As it could not be otherwise, cider is one of the strong points. The cider mills that can be visited are Trabanco, Castañón, Cortina and Viuda de Angelón.  These visits are part of a pack called “Cider, cheese and wine”. Is for two people and includes guided visits to know the making process of these products, and a tasting a gift in each place.



Regarding traditional cheese factories, there are included Maín, Bedón, Rebollín, Los Caserinos, El Viejo Mundo and La Collada. And as wine mill, the visit to Monasterio de Courias.

The new proposal by Vivobox is a fine bet for quality labels and Denominations of Origin in IGPs of the Asturian agroalimentary sector. To design the offer for this pack there was a collaboration with the quality label DOP Cider of Asturies Cider of Selected Apple, Cabrales, Afuega´l Pitu, Quesu Casín, Vinu Cangas and Los Beyos Protected Denomination of Origin.

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