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We can already taste estrucipié cider!

El El Duque Cider Mill has bottled this product obtained from the last cut of the cider mill, which has surprised so much that it has already been acquired in its entirety by cider bars of Villaviciosa and Xixón.

LA SIDRA .- Estrucipié is the last cut of the cider mill, the must obtained in the last pressing of apples. A product that is not usually put to ferment alone, since it is either discarded or used to mix with previously extracted musts. But Pedro Baldó from El Duque cider mill decided to experiment. He put the must to ferment in a separate barrel … And the result? A success!

The lighter worker recounts how they came to obtain this product: “we have two conical hydraulic presses that obtain the must in 24 hours. The mill is cut every three hours. From these 24 hours, the skin of the apple is very squeezed, it remains very compact and with little must. That last juice, before removing the magaya, we were pouring it in a barrel so as not to mix it, since we had another must that seemed better to us. That tank was filled but was set aside. And about eight or nine months we tried it. We were very surprised because we did not expect the cider to be so good. ”

“From the good, a little” says the popular saying. So El Duque has only bottled 4,000 bottles. All already acquired by different establishments. And where can we find this product? In the cider bars Bedriñana and La Capilla in Villaviciosa. In Xixón in La Serena and in La Nueva Ibérica. Like the cidermaker Pedro Baldó, the cider has surprised industry specialists and tasters who attended the presentation of this product yesterday at El Duque. Congratulations Pedro! Natural cider and its forms of commercialization continue to open the way.

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