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Val de Boides, already in Madrid

The PDO of Llagar Castañón is sold in the capital of the Spanish territory in the Coalla store

LA SIDRA.- Good news for all our readers in Madrid. The PDO Val de Boides cider, from the Castañón region, is already sold in the Coalla gourmet store. This cider has won important awards, especially this year. Among them, she was the winner of the Villaviciosa Cider Festival and also the DOP Hall.

Julián Castañón, the producer, has pointed out about this product: “Cider is a difficult product, the raw material is quite changeable, not every year you can get the same types of apple, so you have to carefully select the ones you are going to use. . Of course, from what I am betting, which is for the Protected Designation of Origin, there is enough apple every year. Our efforts are focused on maintaining the regularity of our cider. As a result, we are looking for a fruity cider that appeals to the general public, that enters well, that is smooth and rich ”.

On the other hand, Coalla, of Asturian origin, was awarded in 2017 at the Salón de Gourmets as the best gastronomic store in Spanish territory. Its foundation dates back to 1955, with a small food establishment that José Suárez Coalla started with great enthusiasm. Now it is a benchmark both inside and outside of Asturies. In Madrid it is located on Serrano Street.

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