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Today starts the X First Cider of the Year

We were longing for it! The passion of cider kept us awake, with desire of “espicha” and party…- Fortunately today begins the First Cider of the year and we can begin to sanctify the holidays

Today at one o’clock we will throw the inaugural “culin” of this cider party, declared of social origin by the City of Xixón -which,we must not forget, is the world capital of cider-.

The historian Luis Benito García, promoter of the candidacy of the Asturian Cider culture for its recognition as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, will start the First Cidre with an interesting proclamation. The inauguration will also be attended by some gastronomic brotherhoods, with the Siceratores in front, the president of the Asturies XXI Foundation Marcos Fernández, Jesús Martínez Salvador, Councillor of Tourism, Sports, Cellebrations and Youth of Xixón, and the cider maker Alfonso Prado, of La Morena.

The Museum of the people of Asturies , in Xixón, will be like every year the perfect environment – with ceiling area, in case the rain tries to stop us – in which to enjoy all the cider and the wide program of activities that the PSLA offers.

There we will find cider of about 70 Cider makers, ready to taste, compare and calibrate what to expect for next year about cider. We will also have the barmans, serving us as crazy, and the self service pipes at their point for the most troubled. The most refined will be able to taste some”Gala ciders” and those who boast of cosmopolitans, must look for the cider of other countries. We do not forget those who don’t drink alcohol: for them, 0,0 cider and sweet cider. This year the star among the ciders is Prado and Pedregal, from the La Morena cider maker, the Best First Cider of 2019- We encourage you to go to try it and check if it is truly better than the others.

But drinking is not everything, so we will also have the kitchen team working to the fully, with the grill or the vegetarian menu, according to the likings, the musician creating atmosphere, the dancers jumping like champions, the traditional sportsmen playing and teaching those who approach, the Sidrocoles making cider, …games activities, tastings and workshops for all ages and all hours, and all that for only 6 euros… a crash, come on.


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