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The UCE denounces the increase in the price of the bottle

The Consumers Union has recalled that “agreeing on prices” is an illegal strategy, an issue that was already before the courts.

THE CIDER.- The summer arrives, and with it, the debate about the price of the cider bottle. Although in the last year several have been the voices – many of llagareros- that have been raised to give the most emblematic drink of Asturies “the value it deserves” … also many have been the detractors to the increase.

“Why, if a case of cider costs me twelve euros and another costs me nine in the same time … should you sell the cider at the same price in the winch?”. That is one of the arguments that the innkeepers use to justify that the cider should have different prices. However, this phrase, which we hear every summer, is far from becoming a reality. The normal thing in Asturies is going to a cider bar and that all the brands cost the same, except those assigned to the PDO, which are a little more expensive, but all the same.

Of course, what can not be done is to “agree on prices”, an issue that has come to the UCE and that is why it is now revealed by the president of the entity Dacio Alonso. In a press conference, he said that in Llugones the hospitality sector has agreed the price of the bottle at 2.90 and that “can not be done”. The president recalled that this practice was already denounced in 1996. From that, came to include in the demand to harvesters, ciermakers and cider bars with important sanctions.

So the debate about price is not a new issue. 30 years ago, and even more, there was also talk of raising cider. The llagareros remember that the chigreros explained that in order to pay a waiter, he had to throw twelve cases of cider. And of course, the normal thing is that you do not reach that number by far. We must also bear in mind that it was long before the crisis and it was usual for those who drank some culetes, then ended up having dinner. Now it is no longer like that and that is cherished by the cider house. We will see what actions the UCE is taking again, and we will also see if the increase is evident in other locations.

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