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The summer drink

In the next magazine that is coming out we will offer in our harmonization section different dishes combined with national and international ciders

LA SIDRA.- Asturies natural paradise … And thank goodness! Without a doubt, we must be grateful for the wonderful environment we have; And now that the good weather has arrived, enjoying with our loved ones in the open air and in complete safety is a luxury that not everyone can boast about, as a luxury our ciders are also, and we are not referring only to the natural one – which of course -, also to the other types that we can taste on terraces, picnic areas or on a picnic.

In the next edition of the cider magazine you propose eight harmonizations with cider, below we give some examples of the dishes that we include.

Kale chips

Quite a discovery by our Czech collaborator Jana Procházková. These are kale leaves, or they can also be collard greens, cut in a square shape, drizzled with a little extra virgin olive oil, and put in the oven at a low temperature until we get the crisp texture of the chips. A delicious snack, easy to prepare, and very very healthy. Besides, as might be expected, it weighs nothing, so it is ideal for alides in the field or even in the mountains. In addition, it can be tried with different condiments and spices until we find the combination that we like the most. A great culinary idea, and not just for the summer.


Fresh, healthy and delicious. It is perfect to taste it in good weather and outdoors. For four people we will use a kilo of ripe tomatoes, half a loaf of bread and better if it is from previous days, one or two cloves of garlic, olive oil pour extra and salt. We will start by boiling water in a pot. When it is boiling, add the tomatoes for five minutes. We take them out and remove the skin. We will cut the bread into slices and put it in a bowl, we will add the tomatoes, a tablespoon of salt, the minced garlic, and we will crush everything until we obtain the texture that we want. While we crush the ingredients we can add half a glass of olive oil, although this measure is to taste. When everything is mixed, we will taste and correct the flavor. Those are the basic elements of salmorejo, but there are people who like to add a splash of vinegar to enhance its flavor. If this is the case, we recommend cider vinegar. It is mild and does not mask the taste of the other ingredients.

Hi Arsenio. I’m Estíbaliz from the TPA. My colleagues in the morning told me that they had tried to get in touch with you, but I don’t know where it turned out.
The point is that we are going to make a news in the afternoon about the new measures for residences.

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