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Shall we share a glass?

With the coronavirus pandemic, there are those who propose ending the tradition of sharing the glass of cider. Why?

THE CIDER.- Although the Chinese are not drinking cider, and the people of Madrid have a reputation for not being very sharing or especially cider loving, it seems that the transmission of Covid19 was due to sharing the glass of cider … Curious if we consider that so far the level of the incidence of the pandemic in Asturies is much closer to northern Europe than to Spain.

The case is that no matter how “unhygienic” it may be for non-Asturians, the tradition of sharing the glass of cider, Asturians and more specifically ciders do not have any special bias for any disease, that is, that there is no disease that is more or less frequent among us than among the rest of society.

There is no study that indicates that neither the “normal” flu, nor the different viral or bacterial infections have a special prevalence among those who share a glass … it is true that, theoretically, it seems that this sharing could be a factor of risk, but there is no scientific evidence, and statistically no special problems are sustained or even pointed out by this habit of sharing a glass.

And because of sharing, surely there is more transmission of “miasmas” among commuters of the subway in rush hour than among the ciders who share a glass. In fact, in that case -in the case of the subway- there are studies and statistics that show the highest incidence of viral and bacterial diseases among users, so if some sanitary restriction is applied when sharing the glass, it would have to be applied to the share subway car.

In any case, and how to take care of yourself and health, you should not play, we have left -we hope- many bottles to enjoy, we will have to be cautious and while this health crisis lasts we will have to limit the sharing of glass … caution and temporarily.

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