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Santa Bárbara, in the center of Mieres

Run for five years by Marical Capela, and thanks to his effort and dedication, this businessman with 25 years of experience in the world of hospitality – owner of restaurants, manager and director of hotels, organizer and responsible for weddings and events. He managed to make it a point of reference in Mires, achieving a close environment where she could take a few bottles with friends or family, celebrate events such as baptisms, business dinners and even intimate weddings due to the great capacity of her place and the privacy of her dining rooms.

In addition to the good atmosphere of the cider bar, where we can enjoy cider Villacubera, Trabanco normal and d’Escoyeta, and that has just been awarded by the public as “Most popular snack” in “Mieres del Pinchu”, this cider bar is known for the great quality of its traditional cuisine. The kitchen of “always” with ingredients of first and touches of culinary innovation.

With daily and weekend menus and holiday menu also organizes thematic days of Cochinillo or Bonito and modern espichas entertained with DJ.

Recommended one hundred percent.

SIDRERÍA RESTORÁN Santa Bárbara. Manuel Llaneza 6. Mieres T. 984 189 351

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