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Looking for ambassadors of Asturian cider culture

The Directorates of Heritage and Rural Development launch an initiative to support the presentation of the candidacy before UNESCO of the Asturian cider culture.

LA SIDRA.- The General Directorate of Heritage and Rural Development have announced that the candidature of the Asturian Cider Culture will be presented next spring to the List of Intangible Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO.

This proposal has two areas of management: an administrative one for the preparation of the file, and a social one that is reflected in the support for the candidacy. “So, while part of the work is carried out within an academic and administrative sphere, the other part must be carried out by society, by all the people who live and ‘feel Asturies’, as the cider culture and the cider pouring is one of the signs of identity that best represents Asturies in the world, expresses one of the noblest feelings, because it supposes a joyful celebration of the group, friendship and life itself. We want the world to know and recognize the bonds of universal friendship that surround the emblematic drink of Asturias, whatever the place or the moment “point out both general directions.

To do this, they have contacted different associations, entities and groups to join the initiative ‘Ambassadors’. “We would like all people who feel identified with this reality and with the desire to achieve this recognition, regardless of the council or age, to join this initiative through their personal support or collectively” they explain and They sentence: “Without this support, the candidature for Intangible World Heritage has no future”.

To support the candidacy, for example, an entity can propose itself as an Ambassador, or it can also be presented by others. And what does it imply? For the management of the signature book to collect popular support among the community scope of action of the association or entity, reporting on the initiative and consolidating popular support through signatures.

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