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Leader LA SIDRA 180 (December 2018)


In these dates of Christmas celebration, the Asturian cider passes a real test. Will it be able to be at the tables of the Asturians in the place and the positioning that corresponds to it? This affects the natural cider and the sparkling cider, but also the new forms in which it has been evolving in these last years. Will brut cider preside over tables instead of champagne or cava? Will there be room for ice ciders, cider liquors, cider brandy?

It is an important test, because if we want these products to have future and external projection it is necessary that they are first assumed by the Asturians as their own, and that they are recognized, precisely at home, for the value and quality they deserve.

It is true that little by little the new expressions of cider are being integrated as part of our cider culture, and are considered as the logical evolution of our traditional cider. But beware, because identity is so dangerous without evolution as evolution without identity, and if the new Asturian ciders are defined as Spanish Cider, let no one be surprised if then the Asturians do not identify them as their own. We, who since the nineteenth century have been exporting cider for half the world with the “Asturian cider” brand!

On the other hand, we finalized the year as we have finished so many others, without solving the problem of the apple; when there is not enough, it is lacking, and the importation of apple and stabilized musts from all over Europe ends up being the norm.
It is true that in recent times this issue has been taken more seriously, both by the harvesters and by the cidermakers, and that the very existence of the PDO Sidra d’Asturies has contributed to vindicate the Asturian apple and the importance of its cultivation , but there is still a long way to go.

Precisely for that reason we have to congratulate ourselves, because it seems that finally the “Principality” has assumed the need to make a Strategic Plan for Cider and Apple, because that Plan will help improve the situation, if only because we will finally know how much apple and how much cider is produced. Then comes the policies in this regard, which should be known and their results may be evaluated, and with this it is expected that the “happenings” and institutional clientele networks can be controlled.

In any case, from LA SIDRA we want to make a toast to all our readers, friends and collaborators, and we want to do it with our cider. Happy Holidays and a prosperous year 2019! 


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