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Insurance mediators provide cider for a solidarity cause

The College of these professionals will carry out the initiative this Friday in which Sidra Trabanco will be served.

How lends that in these holidays the Asturian companies and organizations bet on ours! The College of Insurance Mediators of Asturies celebrates a new edition of its traditional Solidarity Toast on Friday, December 20 at 1:00 p.m. This initiative, which this year marks its seventh edition, has already become a Christmas tradition that every year brings together a greater number of members, representatives of different insurance companies, suppliers and companies that, in a different way, collaborate with the College.

As in previous editions, the initiative has the selfless collaboration of Sidra Trabanco and Malena Catering. The Solidarity Toast symbolizes the commitment and responsibility of this organization and the members that integrate it with society. «It is an initiative that supports solidarity actions of general interest carried out by non-profit entities that provide a benefit for society. This action is an essential part of the strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility of the College, ”says its president, Reinerio A. Sarasúa Serrano. All attendees of the Solidarity Toast 2019 collaborate with a donation, which this year will be destined to ‘A city for all’, and for those who want to join this initiative but can not get close to providing it is launched, one more year, the called “cup 0”.

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