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Granada supports the Cider Culture as Heritage

Granada supports the Sidrera Culture as Heritage

The municipality of Villaviciosa and the Andalusian one sign a collaboration protocol.

LA SIDRA.- One of the objectives of the twinning between Villaviciosa and Granada is to obtain two recognitions that both places have been looking for for some time: that the first one is the European Capital of Culture in 2031, and that the Asturian Cider Culture is finally considered as Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Villaviciosa and Granada have proposed establishing ties in different areas such as culture, business activity and business relations and tourism promotion. “An example of this is the Astur-Grenadine Gastronomic Encounter, which has been held for eight years and for which the winner of the World’s Best Fabada contest travels to Granada to produce the winning fabada, and which is being held from yesterday until Thursday with the presence of the restaurant Gaucho Fierro from Granda, Siero “reports the agency Gustatio.

Thus, the mayors agreed to exchange support in two very important candidacies for the respective municipalities. The mayor of Granada requested the adhesion to the candidacy of the city as European Capital of Culture in 2031. For his part, the mayor of Villaviciosa proposed that the Andalusian city join with his support for the candidacy of the Asturian Cider Culture as Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Alejandro Vega, mayor of Villaviciosa, attended the signing of the town council in Granada; Francisco Cuenca, mayor of the city; Raquel Ruz, Councilor for Tourism of the City Council of Granada; Pedro Morán, president of the jury of the contest The Best Fabada of the World and David Fernández-Prada, director of the contest and the agency Gustatio. Also a representation of the Brotherhood of Friends of the Fabes of the Principality of Asturias, who in his last chapter appointed the Granada-born Gregorio García, vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce of Granada, as ambassador of the fabes.

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