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El Club de Guisanderas de Asturies in the Gourmets’ Hall

The association has defended in this fair the traditional kitchen and the transmission of knowledge with the presentation of a book with 160 elaborations cooked by 40 women.

LA SIDRA.- The Asturian Guisanderas Club presented its new book ‘Recetas de las guisanderas de Asturies’ at the Salón Gourmets in Madrid this afternoon. Las Guisanderas have offered a ‘showcooking’ in which they have prepared four of their most anthological recipes: tripe, pork trotters, casadielles and frixuelos. Those attending the colloquium have been able to taste them and endorse the good work of these women who in 1997 decided to join to give visibility to the work of the Asturian cooks.

This guild of women working for two decades in defense of Asturian cuisine has collected 160 recipes in a complete book where the protagonists are the flavors and products of always. The General Director of Trade and Tourism, Julio González Zapico accompanied the cooks Amada Álvarez Pico, president of the Club, in a conversation; Pili Ramos Rodriguez, from the Los Pomares de Xixón sidrería; and Ivonne María Corral Valbuena, from Casa Telva in Valdesoto. Also to Teresa Camacho, from Camacho Bar, Lydia Vázquez Lago, Annalisa Luso from La Taberna Salcedo; and Maite Fernández García, from La Costana; which are part of the aforementioned establishments, all of Uviéu.

The talk addressed topics such as the defense of the product of proximity, the importance of putting value in the recipe book through books or different versions of the same recipe depending on the people of Asturias in which it is made. The president of the Club, Amada Álvarez, said that “it is very important for the Asturians” to show traditional gastronomy outside of Asturies, to sell Asturias precisely. “We bet on the Food of Paradise that perfectly represent our roots and traditions,” he said.

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