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Cider makes its way through Post Market

The cider mill Alonso and Casería San Juan del Obispo can be found on this platform that already has 37 Asturian rural producers who sell online throughout the Spanish territory

LA SIDRA.- In order to generate new business opportunities in the rural world and tackle depopulation, Correos has launched the Correos Market platform. Currently this online site already has 37 Asturian producers from 21 municipalities, which offer articles in the categories of food, crafts, beverages, fashion, and home and health.

One of them is the cider mill Alonso, and another, Casería San Juan del Obispo. The first, producer of natural cider; and the second, also made of cider, but also specialized in distillates. There are also producers from outside our borders, such as Sidra Carral, from León.

In addition, other Asturian beverages are also offered, such as organic beers from the Asgaya company, craft beers from La Naviega company, those from the Asturias Brewing Company brand, the Cangas de Narcea wine ‘El Carrascal’ from Bodega Vidas or the Cangas de Onís ‘Quiéreme vida’ from the Palacio de Nevares Winery. In the same way we can find other gastronomic products such as Faba Asturiana IGP, Faba Verdina or Kiwis.

This initiative offers its infrastructure to small local producers, putting at their disposal the logistics network and the 2,393 offices of the company distributed throughout the country, 63 of them in Asturies.

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