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Cider Bar Conferences

Xixón of Cider Festival starts next week its Cider Bar Conferences.

LA SIDRA.- The ninth edition of this cider festival is more loaded with content than ever. While the twinning of cider mills continues with prominent cider bars in which the cider is served with tasty casseroles, it’s also the chance to the renowned Cider Bar Conferences.

Monday, 9th October: First Cider Bar Conference

Activity: Cider culture. The future of the PDO. Sidra of Asturias’

Time: 1:00 p.m.

Duration: 45 minutes approx.

Location: La Montera Picona

Address: Calle Saavedra, 3


Wednesday 11th: Second Cider Bar Conference

Activity: ‘Two hobbies with the same goal’

Time: 12:30

Duration: 45 minutes approx.

Location: El Sauco Restaurant

Address: Calle Valencia, 20


Friday 13th: Third Cider Bar Conference

Activity: ‘Cider apple varieties’

Time: 12:30

Duration: 45 minutes approx.

Location: Restaurante Astur

Address: Calle Río de Oro, 3

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