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Australian ciders

Australian cider and perry tend to fall into one of two styles – New World or Traditional.

LA SIDRA.- While cider apples are relatively rare in Australia, more local growers are introducing them to their orchards. But creative local cider producers also work with table apples such as Granny Smith, Pink Lady and Royal Gala, producing Ciders that are crisp, refreshing and well suited to their climate.

“New World” references the style, not a location, as ciders in this style are also made in England, the United States, Canada, Germany, etc. New World cider and perry are made primarily from table fruit. Compared to other standard styles, these are generally lower in tannins and higher in acidity.

“Traditional”, which encompasses the traditional ciders of England and France, can include German and Asturian styles although these remain scarce in Australia. Typically, traditional ciders will show some tannins derived from the apples used. Cider specific bittersweet and bitter sharp apples will contribute to this, though other varieties may also be used.

Traditional perry made in Europe is from pears grown specifically for that purpose rather than for eating or cooking. There are very few perry pears available in Australia, but several producers are using table pears to produce this kina of cider that is obviously inspired by traditional perry.

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