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Apple rotisserie? I ask it!

They are pieces of ceramic, or even iron, which in addition to cooking us a delicious dessert, also flavor our lunch or dinner.

LA CIDRA.- During these festivals we have had to adapt to the new restrictions. And although we miss the winches, of course… we have tried to rejoice a little and – complying with all the indicated safety measures and recommendations – prepare succulent lunches or dinners at home; either with the people with whom we live or with our bubble group, as the case may be.

Well, it was in one of these meetings of four participants where we got to know the apple grill. It is worth mentioning that the host was a girl from the Czech Republic who had been given the aforementioned gadget. Well, this consists of a piece of ceramic the size of the apple that is going to be inserted and that is opened in half. Once closed with the proper fruit inside, a foot of the same material is placed on top, a stove, in which a small candle fits.

Thus, in this structure, the apple is slowly roasting. But be careful: you have to put it in with enough time so that it is well roasted. For example, at the beginning of lunch or dinner. A small hole at the zenith of the structure makes the cooking vapors gently emerge, aromatizing the room. You can already imagine the result. In addition, this grill allows us to be creative since it also leaves room to add sugar, anise, cinnamon or other spices.

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