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Alberto Rodríguez joins the LA SIDRA team

“What I can contribute is drive, work and enthusiasm” says the actor, who has also been a professional in the hospitality industry since he was 18 years old.

LA SIDRA.- We know him from such emblematic characters as La Marquesina, or Toño, from ‘El Chigre’; but especially because of his work in the program ‘De folixa en folixa’. Cider has been very present in the life of Alberto Rodríguez, and now he will be more so, as he becomes part of the team of this magazine. But it should be noted that the hospitality industry is not a new world for him, quite the contrary. In fact, he has worked as a professional in this sector since he was 18 years old. Now in LA SIDRA he will carry out the commercial tasks of the publication.

“Cider is a phenomenon that makes us unique. Everyone has something that makes them unique. You cannot tell the kids that they are going to be “the best in the world” because that would be a lie. But they can be as special as they are. And one of the things that we have is the cider treatment. Cider is drunk in many countries, but ours acquires individuality and excellence due to the treatment we give it. For that pampering when pouring it, serving it and sharing it. You don’t drink a bottle of cider in a hurry … Let’s see, if you have to drink it in a hurry, you drink. But the normal thing is that time stops when you drink a cider ”, says Rodríguez in the main interview that will be published in the next edition of the magazine, number 200, which he is about to be released.

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