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Different, natural and an idea to harmonize

This is how the professionals of the cider sector the exposure of Enofusión and Madrid Fusión.


Cider says goodbye to Madrid Fusión and Enofusión surprising for their quality, taste and quality to be paired with a wide range of dishes. Sommeliers, restaurant owners, chefs and specialized press could assess the quality of the different cider labels in the Asturian stands located in each floor of the event.


The DOP cider was a true success in the stands of Enofusión and also in the so called Enobar. A room where the attendess could taste the different products of the fair. “It settles a difference with other ciders already kown. This is a different product although the name is the same. It is also highly valuable the fact of being natural” explains Reyes Ceñal, manager of the Regulatory Council.




ASturian cider was generally praised during the three days: a refreshing beverage, qith scent and apple taste, kind and suggesting to enjoy gastronomy, were some of the flatteries. “It is surprising also for its softness, although being made with sour apple varieties. And that is not expected and thus calued. Sparkling cider also broke the standards of the people” states Ceñal and adds: “besides the specialists highlighted its skill to be paired with different products, so it offers a wide range and can reach many consumers”.


In this third day doubtlessly the best tasting-pairing took place at El Gaitero stand. The brut cider Pomarina harmonized with the acuEO oysters. A delicacy that no one wanted to leave untasted. “The oysters are always related with quality sparkling drinks. And now that we have brut cider, what better than offering these two Asturian products that are a true delicacy but at an available price” said Nuria Núñez, from acuEO.

In this last day Bruno Lomán by Quince Nudos got the support from his friends and colleagues of work during the International Contest Joselito for the best croquette. The first place was for Jesús Segura, from La Barra de Trivio (Cuenca). However to be between the ten finalists is a “true honor” said Lombán. With him there were Jaime Uz from Arbidel, Michelin star; and Diego Fernández from the restaurant Regueiro, last year’s winner of this contest. “To be here is to make our label known. Besides cider is unique and we have to know how to give it value it has” stated the chef fro LA SIDRA magazine.


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