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Controversy over the price of the cider bottle

Once again the cidermakers are defending that the cider is too cheap, but not everyone agrees. Nonetheless, regarding the recognition of the cider pourers they coincide.

LA SIDRA .- In the talk organized in Salenor, the cidermakers have again defended that the price of the cider bottle is too cheap, and as usual it generated a whole debate, in which everyone has much to say.

On the one hand the position of those who consider that the work of the cidermakers is a lot, and that the cider would have bigger prestge if it was more expensive, which is at the cheapest point, and argue that it’s cheaper than water; And on the other hand the one of those who, coinciding in appreciating the work of the cidermakers, defend that the prestige is not given by the price but the quality of the product and that with a higher quality they may be able to ask for more price, but before that stands the quality. Apart of it we have to remember that the price of a cider bottle is more or less the cost of two beers or two coffees, so it might not be “that cheap”, and although water is cheaper, no one will go into a cider bar asking for water.


The question is not simple. From LA SIDRA we have betting for a long time for the formation of consumers, so that they are able to appreciate and value the work of the cidermaker… but it is also true that looking at qualities in the market, it is difficult to find huge differences, because in general the cider mills usually blend the best cider with the most normal one to offer an homogeneous cider …. with which in the end the results being good, are not usually a blast. Thus it’s difficult to find a cider extraordinarily good in the market to pay it 5 €, for example.

On the other hand, and although there is the widespread appreciation and recognition of the good work of the cidermakers, there are some who consider that cider should be more expensive. Why not a direct rise in prices, then? There are also those who affirm that, at the price paid for the apple, and much more at the price of stabilized juices (in an increasing use nowadays), increasing the price of cider would suppose to leave some nice margins of profit, so new small cider mills could get into the market… Above all, remind that the prices are set by the offer and the demant, so it’s strange to hear complaints about the price.

A topic in which there is true agreement is regarding the work of the cider pourers. Everyone agrees that no one can have the same price for a “thrown” cider bottle with a device than propersy poured by a professional, so the job of the pourer is to b paid as well… Then another issue is the fact that how it is possible that in Asturies there is no professional formation at all for cider pourers in the restauranteur resume, nor the working category to give prestige to that sector. From there we go on to talk about the “Principality” and the discussions are softer: there are those who consider that the politicians haven’t any regards towards whatever is Asturian, and those who think thay they are nothing else but useless. And apart of that there are many more opinions on this, but we avoid to point out them all since they are already of public domain.

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