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Complaints about cider in popular festivities

People denounce that there are bottle with awful quality and because of it some prefer to drink beer or drinks instead.

LA SIDRA.- “I like cider and when I go to a party that’s what I like to drink. But sometimes you are served even some things… like vinegar and you simpl can’t drink that. Then I better ask for another drink” states Alfonso. He and his friends usuall attend the popular celebrations and wait with expectation for the good weather and the festivities to begin. “Popular parties in Asturies are unique, my girlfriend is from León and she comes with her friends over here. But when we come we don’t ask for cider knowing it won’t be good. Before they let you bring your own but not anymore. I agree to pay for entrance but we know that it’s easy to be served poor quality cider and even expensive” states him.

Some weeks ago there were three different popular festivities in Xixón. “We got many public and that encouraged us” said a taxist on the night shift. When asking him what do young people usually bring to the parties he states that mainly “botellón” (cheap booze). Many of the people travelling with him complained about the cider’s quality: “How will we drink this if it’s either too done or not enough?” But I think we’re all to blame. Those who come knowing the cider is bad, those who buy it not knowing how it should be and event those of us who don’t complain” admits the taxi driver.

Maybe the most alarming thing is that, that it’s not an alarm. Many people assume that when coming to a popular party, cider is going to be bad. And that’s not necessarily the case. Many cider makers struggle to sell always a quality product. But still be blamed for it. Apart of it there’s the bad image we give to tourists who want to enjoy a true Asturian party. To keep enjoying our celebrations with proper cider is also defend our tradition. Unfortunately the new generations are getting used to the “traditional” thing is the high graduation alcohol mixed with soda. To empower cider consumption is positive for the whole country. And this is why the whole chain must offer a quality product.

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