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Combined visits to the Cider Museum of Nava begin

Esterior MuseuVisits will begin on next 27th of may and will be to Orizón, Viuda de Angelón and Viuda de Corsino.

THE CIDER.- The Mayor of Nava Juan Cañal had already announced on last 19th of March during the III Meeting of the Good Confraternity of Sicerators of Asturies, to which LA SIDRA magazine attended: “we have been exploring the possibility of linking the visit to the museum with visits to the nearby cider mills”. Now that is a reality, as it was announced by Cañal on last weekend in an event to which attended Francisco Ordóñez from Viuda de Angelón, José Luis Vigón from llagar Orizón and Fernando Morán de Viuda de Corsino.

The public attending the Cider Museum will visit those facilities and after they will be able to complete the route visiting one of the aforementioned cider mills to know first hand the work of cider elaboration. It is to be highlighted that the participant cider mills do so selflessly and each week will be the turn of one of them. Visits will begin on 27th of May. People would attend in the morning or afternoon -at 12:30 or at 17:30-. This is a timetable to benefit the restaurant sector of Nava. To visit the museum the vacancies have to be reserved in advance by calling at an entrance price of € 10, including a glass to taste the cider from the cider mill.

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