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Cider vermouth in Guadalajara

On Sunday 26 there will be steak, fabada, crab cake, Cabrales cheese and plenty of cider poured by Alejandro Sanz Rodríguez.

LA SIDRA.- If on next Sunday 26th you come around Guadalajara, you can’t miss the Asturian vermouth that is going to take place in the restaurant El Fogón del Vallejo, located in Vicente Aleixandre street, 45, in Alovera.

It’s going to be a true Asturian celebration since there will be a wide representation of our gastronomy such as cachopo, fabada, spider crab cake, Cabrales cheese, country music and of course cider. The cider pourer Alejandro Sanz Rodríguez is the organizer of this gastro-folkloric encounter – along with the aforementioned restaurant. Sanz has been at times champion of the cider pourer tournament of ‘Peña Las Torres’ in Azuqueca de Henares.

It is in the month of September when this contest is held, and has been organized sometimes coinciding with the town festivals. The jury of this contest is composed entirely by the members of the Asturian Center of Alcalá de Henares and to liven up. there will be a bagpipe band performing during the event.

At the end of the contest along with the dawn, the protagonist of the night will be the cider. One more sample of the cider’s contribution for socializing.

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