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Cider sommeliers

There is the project of an international organization based in Asturies, of cider sommeliers.

THE CIDER.- In the professional day of the last SISGA (International Hall of Gala Ciders) 2015 there was established the need of forming sommeliers specifically to taste cider in the different producting countries. The object is to deepen in the knowledge of the product -cider- as well as its multiple expressions and features both at national and international range with the aim of settlign common criteria regarding cider assessment.

In that way it has begun to be taken the first steps with contacts of people interested in this knowledge and to do it directly without any “contamination” from the wine or beer world.. Right now the project is going forward and we have confirmed some countries where the project has also started.

In the case of Asturies the contacts are beginning according to the principle of doing things with no hurry but it is expected that for middle February there would be the first meeitn of Asturian cider sommeliers.

The idea is this organization to be establshed in Asturies and support the celebration of the SISGA as annual meeting of the different international organizations.

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