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“Cider Mills Route” presentation in Sieru

It took place at la Morena Cider Mill in Viella.

LA SIDRA.- Some months ago Sieru’s Town Hall asked the cider makers of the council what do they needed to empower the cider sector. After some conversations they agreed that the information about cider mills location was essential. This is why they prepared this guide with actualized data on the cider mills of the council.

At La Morena Cider Mill, one of the most ancient ones of Sieru, took place the presentation of the content for the guide. In La Pola Sieru there are nowadays twelve cider mills: Casa Fran en Llugones, Corzo en Granda, La Morena en Vieya, Arbesú en Santa Marina, Los Bayones en Cualloto; y en Tiñana están: Casería del Obispo, Fanjul, Fonciello, Juanín, Muñiz, Quelo and Viuda de Palacio.

At Sieru’s Town Hall web site they have available the document in pdf in Asturian about the history of each cider mill. According to this web site, it was written back in 2012. Also states: “the council of Sieru is known for its tradition and excellence in cider, being the third in cider mill number of Asturies, highlighting the colaboration with Tiñana, where there is the biggest cider production of the nearby area”.

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