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Cider in San Xuan’s Magical Night

The Official Pourers Championship turned to be a part of Mieres del Camín’s celebrations.

LA SIDRA.- Official Pourers Championship had its second lap in the region of Mieres del Camín, as part of San Xuan¡s activities from 16th to 24th of June . This contest took place at Plaza Requexu and Wilkin Aquiles got the first place with 116,3 points, the second place was for Salvador Ondó with 115,8 and the third one for Jeison Franco with 115,4. Jonatan Trabanco, Pablo Suárez and Marcos Ramos got the fourth, fifth and sixth places respectively.

The contest begun at half past five while the Spanish Television filmed it live. But there are some more activities to come for San Xuan. Today 23rd, San Xuan’s Eve takes place the most traditional and magical celebration with the bonfire and Danza Prima as main protagonists of the night.

From 19 h on there will be the traditional fountain temple descoration and a great parade to celebrate the most magical night, the night to ask for wishes and hold the hand of the people around while dancing around the fire. All these traditions will have the Plaza del Conceyu crowded from 23rd to 24th of June.

On the other hand there will be gigs at Xovellanos Park. On Saturday, from 1 o’clock Chenoa will perform with her most popular tunes. On Saturday 24th at 22.30 h and also at the parl there will be another gig called “We want to hug you: tribute to Víctor Manuel”. This is a date for Asturian artists and musicians to play as a tribute for this author so present in the collective memory.

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