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Cider, beverage of the Atlantic Arc

The multitudinary meeting was the perfect scenario for tourists and residents to know better our traditional beverage.

The Festival of the Atlantic Arc takes place mainly in Xixón and this Summer was one of the strongest stages both for tourists and for people from here to know better our traditional beverage. An example of it was last weekend when the councils inside the Cider Shire attended the meeting to promote their councils and the utmost Asturian drink.

The event was attended by a committee cmposed by Saúl Bastián, Mayor of Sariegu; Juan Cañal, of Nava and president of the Cider Foundation; Gerardo Fabián, of Cabranes; María Menéndez, Bimenes’ Councilwoman of Culture; Ana López, Villaviciosa’s Councilwoman of Culture and Rogelio Pando, Mayor of Colunga and current president of the Cider Shire.

Thus the Atlantic Arc festival fulfills its duty to be “a meeting point for creators, artists, collectives and associations, organizers and entities around commerce and tourism”: An objective that Pando understands perfetly and know hot to focus it regarding our national drink. “About cider, Asturies has a great level and I think it increases year by year. I attend every contest, every presentation and I was grow in a home where we always made cider. Thus I consider that our traditional drink has a great level that outside our borders there are being settles objectives for its growth. But Asturian cider will be the best wherever it is” stated Pando while being named as part of the confraternity of the Gastronomers of Yumay.

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