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Asturies head of cooking for celiacs

El Fartuquín and Casa Niembro share the first and third place respectively statewide in gluten-free kitchen.

THE CIDER.- In November and December 2015 announced that El Fartuquín from Uviéu, Casa Niembro in Asiegu and La Ruta in Cangas del Narcea were among the 10 best gluten-free restaurant assessed in their app. Now this specialized platform in celiac disease turns to locate these two establishments in its ranking, nut not only of those two months but in the whole week. “The data are from May 2015 and June 2016 and there were more than 2.800 votes” stated Lorena Pérez from the department of communication. Also is to be highlighted that cider is one of the most consumed gluten-free beverages. Many celiac people say that having ciders in Asturies is a luxury since in Spain it does not have almost presence and “go for beers” it’s not a possibility since although there are gluten-free ones, very few establishments offer them.

Asturies, along Madrid and Barcelona, is in the head statewide in number of restaurants adapted for celiacs. The aforementioned web page had 134 gluten-free restaurants counted in our land and states that the highest incidence of celiac disease is focused in Cangas del Narcea, Tinéu, Degaña and Ibias, and made awared the people from these councils about the menus available for them.

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