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Advertising in the web

With almost a year old, is breaking all the visit records, nowadays with an excelent global rank, in the 216.913 place of the most visited web pages in the world and the 4.949 in the Spanish state, being the most worldwide visited web about cier (the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin Asturian Cider, for example, is in the 4.929.550 place and the Cider Museum is in the 5.759.000).

In Xixón, locality in which it is more visited, it has the 36th place, far ahead of the 128th place, the one of the Xixón City Hall for example. It should be noticed that people who visit our web does not stop just at the front page, but they do visit a mean of 16 and 18 pages in the web, and a good percentage of that people (almost 30 %) visit us from outside the Spanish state.

*Data by, main worldwide page about web ranking, which gets its results considering both the number of visitors and the number of sections visited by them.


SIDE Front Page Sections
Superior (468 x 60) 500 € 125 €
Inferior (234 x 72) 250 € 70 €
Right (120 x 90) 110 € 30 €
Left (125 x 125) 125 € 35 €




Cuarterly contracts will have a 10 % discount, and the annual ones will get a 20 % discount. Those advertisers interested in appearing in more than one section will have special discounts. Other advertisement formats (skycrapers, pop ups, etc…) are budgeted on request.


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