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A cider bottle for the Summer

El Gaitero Group releases this beverage, suitable for this season for its easy format, versatility, taste and freshness.

LA SIDRA.- El Gaitero Group has released this Summer its cider in small bottle format, and already got an award: Best Heterogeneous Cider in Nava’s Cider Festival. “Few things are better now than enjoying a fresh drink by the sea… or the swimming pool. And with a good snack, of course. If it’s about imagining, we could also ask for a bottle to take everywhere, low in calories and alcohol. Wish fulfilled! El Gaitero Small Bottle makes this dream come true for the Summmer and besides has its alcohol-free version and a brand new format: cider can by El Gaitero, to take it everywhere” as they say.

Likewise they highlight its comfortable format -smaller than the usual-, nice and with a “delicious taste”.

“This is a golden yellow and clean cider, with well integrated bubble. It has an interesting complexity in nose -with smells of mature fruit- and a fine balance between acidity and sweetness, leading to a long elegant final”. This is how they described it and they suggest this: “it tastes better served in a long glass, with plenty of ice and a slice of apple to increase its freshness. This glaurous ritual rmemebers gin tonic’s but El Gaiteru’s Small Format wins the duel. And not only for its low alcoholic graduation, low calories and suitability for pairing with snacks”. Likewise they say that refreshments, sangria and beer -summer beverages- don’t have its versatility and aren’t as light, so this products turns to be “the best of four”. Besides, it has no gluten.

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