Asturian Cider
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Asturian Cider
The country and the cider
National beverage
Asturian cider and society
Cider pouring and festivals
Champagne cider, table cider, liquors...
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Champaigned-cider. Thou natural cider is the most typical and the most consumed in Asturies, there are other types of cider, standing out the champaigned-cider, that we produce since 1857, at first for provinding the worldwide colonies of asturian emigrants mainly in the Americas, where it became popular and being produced today as much as 50 millions of litres per year

Within this type of of champaigned ciders, lately takes more relevance the Sidra Brut, with outstanding brands of excellent quality today that smothly succeed in the markets.

In the late years a new type of cider has been produced so-called "de nueva expresión" (new expression cider) that little by little is achieving its own place.

Cider brandy. Undoubtedly, in our country we also produce cider brandys of excellent quality, being remarkable that the first cider brandy with protected designation of origin at european level is asturian.