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Asturian Cider

Cider pouring and festivals

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Indiz del artículu
Asturian Cider
The country and the cider
National beverage
Asturian cider and society
Cider pouring and festivals
Champagne cider, table cider, liquors...
Toles páxines


 The art of pouring cider is considered fundamental for asturians, celebrating many competitions of up pouring all over the asturian nation as well as a National Championship of Cider Pouring.

All over the asturian land there are thousands of cider houses and bars specific for drinking cider, the chigres or cideries, with its own personality and rituals for the cider.

Otherwise, and from the mid XX century cider festivals had been becoming more usual over the Asturies, celebrating nowadays about 20 of them, whith a huge popular success. Among them has to be mentioned the Primer Sidre l’Añu (First Cider of the Year) for leading somehow the begining of the cider season.

The same can be said about the contests for testing the best cider, which are trully very crowded and popular and usually have two kind of jurys, one profesional and other from the public, voting the attendants for the best quality cider.






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