Asturian Cider
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Asturian Cider
The country and the cider
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Asturian cider and society
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 Cider in Asturies is present in every social event, feasts, festivities and other particuar social parties where it is the main figure such as the amagüestos (sweet cider and roasted chestnuts), the sidraes (special gatherings for drinking cider) or the traditional espiches, ritual celebrations where participants meet together by the cider barrel for the opening and pouring from it with no limit, all going with complementary food, very typical as well.

Many different containers had been used for drinking cider, from horn cups (cuernes) to wooden jugs (zapiques) but the most propper were the clay pots (xarres) for cider. However, since the using of cider glass, of fine crystal, all other containers have been going out of use, being nowadays the big crystal glass of cider (vasu sidre) the container most associated with it, and becoming even more thin and producing also a trully engraving art on it

We the asturians do not pour our cider right from the bottle to the glass, but we pour it up from quite a distance high from the glass, what we call escanciar, that is, we elevate an arm upwards with the bottle, and other arm down with the glass, pouring down a small cuantity of cider from the height to hit inside the glass brim. Cider has to be drink in one gulp and usually and right after it a tiny rest of it is thrown away down.